A father in Hell, a dead lover, and a demon gangster on her tail. Today is the best day of Tazia’s life.

Scratching in the Dirt is the first in the Written by Birds trilogy, and is an adult urban fantasy novel set on the streets of modern-day Turin, London, and Detroit. It treads lightly in the darkness, with not a small amount of blood and gritty humor. Just ask the birds…

What Readers Are Saying About Scratching in the Dirt

An unexpected gem of a hook! I got this first of a series free through Bookbub or something like that. Anyway, as from prior experience, I didn’t expect much. I was so pleasantly surprised! The story is complex and twisty, with a rather shocking ending. Can’t wait to read the next in the series!

Lisa, on Goodreads.

Take that, demons! It takes a lot of skill to take a tired concept (in this case demons/vampires/etc) and craft a story that’s truly enjoyable. I might have said it was impossible to do so, until I read Scratching in the Dirt. There was just something about this book that pulled me and kept me turning the pages. I really dug Tazia’s whole character, BAMF to the max. Thoroughly enjoyed this book and can’t wait for what’s to come.

Ben, on Amazon.

Excellent dystopian fantasy!

Alizarinred, Barnes & Noble

Fresh take on a (sometimes) predictable genre. Well written action, three dimensional characters and a flawed heroine equals a book that was devoured rather quickly. Looking forward to discovering the other books in this series and whatever the author has coming up next…

Mrs C Cooke, Amazon.co.uk

Amazing! This has to be one of the best books in this type within the paranormal gene I have read in, well I can’t remember to be honest, the plot is tight, I found myself caring for the characters (which is always a plus) Tazia is a character with a past, which makes you both love her and hate her, she is vulnerable then she is a bitch, but which is the real Taz? The thrills keep on coming, the action is palpable and the explosions are loud! Get ready to ride the crazy train with S.M Henley at the wheel! A brilliant first book in what looks to be a really promising series.

nomdeploom, on Amazon.co.uk

Hiya, got hooked by book1 so just amazoned myself and bought the others. Book 1 rocked.

Max, by email.

Just started with Scratching in the Dirt…enough to encourage me to purchase the next 2 for an Easter trilogy…cheers S.M., reading list for the weekend sorted

Lou, on Facebook


an adult urban fantasy trilogy

The heat is rising. Cities are falling. As demons claw their way above ground to take control of a billion human souls, a renegade angel is plotting her own bid for power. Three dare to defy her: a half-vampire girl, a millionnaire playboy, and an ex-soldier turned demon assassin. They each have their own desolate paths to follow. But, in the face of ultimate evil, can they come together to stop the angel’s victory? And what of the birds who stalk their every move? Isn’t it time they picked a side?

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About the Author

Sue was brought up in an English seaside town singing to Echo and the Bunnymen and worshipping Siouxsie Sioux. She now lives in rural Alberta, Canada, with more pets than people, where everyone is friendly, winters are long, cheese is bright orange, and the occasional moose wanders through her yard.


Her writing spans Urban Fantasy through Horror. The UF is darker than average. It dips a toe into Dystopia and splashes blood freely. The Horror is a little darker; still paranormally themed, characters run from flawed to freaky, blood is optional.

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