Demons are rising. Cities are falling. Isn’t it time you picked a side?

As the heat rises, demons claw their way above ground to take control of a billion human souls, and a renegade angel is plotting her own bid for power. Three dare to defy her: a half-vampire girl, a millionaire playboy, and an ex-soldier turned demon assassin.

If you like your Urban Fantasy a little more raw than average, while still keeping a dash of snark and humor intact, this trilogy is for you.

Skye Quest

A stolen child. A mother who wields magic as a weapon. It’s time to start running.

Sowilo Skye is in a race against the clock to free her daughter from an otherworldly prison. Standing in her way is a city full of trouble, and Dealer, a vile being from the DeadLands. If she’s even a second too late, he’s promised to reunite Sowilo with her daughter his way – with her head on a plate…

If you like gritty fast-paced Urban Fantasy, where magic is held holy, and where mythical beings inhabit the dark underbelly of modern-day Las Vegas, this series is for you.

Old Country Demons

Supernatural Horror

If you like dark stories where a rural setting is key, where folklore influences the storyline, and where paranormal themes intertwine with psychologically driven plots, you may well enjoy these standalone, but interconnected novels.

Written by Birds Book 1 Scratching in the Dirt

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