About Sue

Sue was brought up in an English seaside town singing to Echo and the Bunnymen and worshipping Siouxsie Sioux. After ten years of cubicle living she broke out and ran full pelt into small business ownership and motherhood (oddly similar).

About this time her creative demon finally crawled its way free, and gleefully forced a pen into her hand. Initially she wrote in the worlds of others until her own characters screamed so loud her books were born.

She now lives in rural Alberta, Canada, with more pets than people. Where everyone is friendly, winters are long, cheese is bright orange, and the occasional moose wanders through her yard.

About Her Books

Sue’s books stand as testament to the Gothic overtones of English suburbia and the world just beyond the veil.

The Urban Fantasy is darker than average. It’s gritty, character driven stuff, fast action plots notwithstanding. It dips a toe into Dystopia, splashes blood freely, and features various creatures from the supernatural world as well as some pretty cool humans.

Her Horror is darker. Paranormal elements intertwine with psychologically driven plots. Characters run from flawed to freaky. Settings are realistic. Atmospheres are claustrophobic. Blood is optional.

Written by Birds Book 1 Scratching in the Dirt

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