Audio Excerpts from Scratching in the Dirt


Okay, I’ll fess up. I was bored. Writing not going too well. Mountains of housework to do and the dog complaining he hadn’t had a walk in 24 hours. So this is when the thought hit me: why not record some short sections of Scratching for you good people? 

The next hour was spent searching for that Snowball microphone I bought 3 years ago when I was going to start that podcast. You know the one. The one that never got started…

After an hour, I gave up and resorted to my phone.

So here they are, scratchy, spontaneous, and complete with dog noisily lapping water in the background.

Disclaimer: I am not an actress, voice-over artist, or public speaker. I am me. Complete with English/Canadian accent, squeaky voice that sounds like a 12 year old, stumbling over words often. But if you can stand it, it’ll give you a taste of the novel and maybe just persuade some of you to give it a chance 🙂

PS. One day I’ll get a proper audio version made. Or else, I’ll teach the dog to read and he can do it.

Meet Tazia

by S M Henley | Scratching in the Dirt

From Chapter 1 Demons Everywhere. As an introduction to protagonist, Tazia, here she is trying to pick some cash up from the guy who contracted her to kill her father. The meeting isn’t going too well… They are in a cafe in Turin, Italy.


by S M Henley | Scratching in the Dirt

From Chapter 2 No Madder Than Usual. In which our heroine, Tazia, meets her nemesis, Jegudiel, for the first time. Jegudiel is a renegade angel who abandoned her heavenly duties over a thousand years ago. Here, she is disguised as a statue of Venus. They are in a deserted town square in old Turin, Italy.


by S M Henley | Scratching in the Dirt

From Chapter 6 Lazy Circles. Tazia has come to the destroyed city of Detroit to track down a Soldier demon who may just be the answer to her prayers. Here she is observing him for the first time, and reflecting on how the demon Risings affect the cities they infest. The central section of the book is set in this dark dystopian city.


by S M Henley | Scratching in the Dirt

From Chapter 9 Safe and Familiar. To give you a taste of how our illustrious heroine deals with the guys who get in her way, here’s a short taste of her in action. Still in Detroit, she’s about to do a little business with Soldier demon, Conn O’Cuinn. [Warning: f-word, description of male genitalia, a taste of violence].

Soren and Billy

by S M Henley | Scratching in the Dirt

From Chapter 21 This Isn’t Over, Lover. Back in London, two more key players from the series – demon assassin, Soren Huxford, and technomancer, Billy Nadig – meet for the first time. Here they are suspicious of each other. As the books continue, they develop a love/hate relationship that is as entertaining as it is unpredictable. [Warning: f-word, plus I don’t do accents – so Soren’s Swedish one just sounds like me… sorry!]

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