Sowilo Skye and the Dead playboy

Book One of the Skye Quest Series
a dark urban fantasy adventure

Coming Spring 2018

The world’s oldest profession just got enchanted.

Supernatural escort, Sowilo Skye, is used to blowing her clients’ minds with her extraordinary talent, but she’s never actually killed one before. So when she finds the still-cooling corpse of her murdered playboy companion in her bed, she knows it’s not just the result of giving him a good time.

His death is seriously inconvenient. She’s been waiting for him to reveal a secret which will help free her daughter from an otherworldly prison. Sowilo does the only thing she can: she strikes a bargain with his ghost. She’ll give him his heart’s desire in exchange for the secret she needs so desperately. Now she has just twelve hours to deliver on the deal before his spirit and the secret slip into oblivion.

In a race against the clock, she must dodge the Vegas PD who are intent on pinning the playboy’s murder on her, and pit her wits against the demonic minions of the duplicitous Dealer, the vile being from the DeadLands responsible for her daughter’s incarceration. But they always seem to be one step ahead. If she’s even a second too late, the Dealer has promised to reunite Sowilo with her daughter his way – with her head on a plate…

Sowilo Skye and the Dead Playboy is the first of the Skye Quest series. It’s a gritty fast-paced urban fantasy adventure set in a world where demons and angels face off on street corners, where magic is held as holy as the almighty dollar, and where Galician mythical beings inhabit the dark underbelly of modern-day Las Vegas.

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