Written by Birds box set

The Complete Written by Birds Trilogy
a dark urban fantasy adventure

Demons are rising. Cities are falling. Isn’t it time you picked a side?

As the heat rises, demons claw their way above ground to take control of a billion human souls, a renegade angel is plotting her own bid for power.

Three dare to defy her: a half-vampire girl, a millionaire playboy, and an ex-soldier turned demon assassin. They each have their own desolate paths to follow. But, in the face of ultimate evil, can they come together to stop the angel’s victory? And what of the birds who stalk their every move: exactly which side are they on?

The Written by Birds trilogy is a dark urban fantasy adventure set on the streets of modern-day Turin, London, Detroit, Las Vegas, and Boston. It treads lightly in the darkness, with not a small amount of blood and gritty humor. Just ask the birds.

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What readers are saying…

This is a most satisfying read. I’ve read a considerable amount of urban fantasy and this one is right up there with the best. The characters are original and each one has her/his appeal and an interesting character arc. The plot keeps you turning pages through this dark world where demons are gaining on humans.


Written by Birds Book 1 Scratching in the Dirt

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